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Transforming work-flow in healthcare

Products in development, patent pending


Rapid and affordable detection, prevention, and treatment.

Our low-cost solutions address the needs of patients who seek convenient at home options and those who have difficulty accessing medical services.


Advanced testing capabilities

With multiple technologies for detection we have the right detection technology for each test and healthcare setting.

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Unlocking new frontiers in diagnostic and delivery innovation

Satio is at the forefront of self-diagnostics and at home drug and vaccine delivery. Blood is still the best diagnostic sample in history, but collection methods remain difficult, painful, and messy. Satio brings a Dried Blood Spot and Whole Blood collection to the consumer; simple, painless, and clean. With our patent-pending designs, patients now have access to simple, affordable options to draw blood, mix reagents and detect an array of pathogens all on a patch placed on your arm. In addition, Satio patch technology also allows for painless delivery of drugs and vaccines. These devices may eliminate the need for needles and administration by medical professionals. Moving forward, Satio continues to evolve to include a broader spectrum of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. With the ability to provide patients the right detection and delivery technology on a global scale.

Products in development, patent pending

How Satio is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Sapphiros has today completed the acquisition of Flexotronix Limited.
Satio and INTACT Solutions have entered into an agreement to establish a collaborative framework in order to partner on research, development, manufacture, and deployment of next generation health technologies with the goal of offering alternative solutions to traditional needles with SatioRx™ intradermal patches for the Member States of the African Union and beyond.
Technology that allows real-time, accurate detection of a wide range of specific targets, and delivers results within minutes.